Here at House Of Ashes, we want you to have the best experience possible with our products, so please read this information section before browsing our site. 

We use only safety tested and compliant water soluble colours and glitters in our products, however, because our colours are so vibrant, we recommend a patch test before immersing yourself in our rainbow waters. Skin is a wonderful thing, and unique to each person, so be on the safe side and make sure our products agree with you.

All of our product ingredients are listed in the item description, please familiarise yourself with these before making your purchases, be aware of any allergies you may have, and if in doubt, please do contact us via our instagram or website so that we may assist you. As with all skincare, if irritation occurs cease use immediately!

We know they look good enough to eat..... but please don't! They don't taste as good as they smell we can absolutely promise you!

Do not use on broken, inflamed or irritated skin. If you have sensitive skin or conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, please do contact us before making your purchases so we can advise you.

Above all, have fun, relax and enjoy! Love Lou and Lenka